Adapt Lab

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The Spyglass

publication design

Hiring Bias Quiz

interactive quiz + PDF

The State of Marijuana Laws

interactive map

The Association's Guide to Digital Advertising Transformation

graphic design

Creative Process Infographic

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C&ENJobs Media Kit

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Shifting Patterns

magazine feature design

Lead Generation Playbook

graphic design

The Modern Chemist’s Guide to Hydrogen Peroxide and Perecetic Acid

ebook design

HLM Redesign

web design/branding

Native Advertising Spec Sheet

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Together Forward


National Journal Redesign

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Millennial-ize Your Recruiting

magazine feature design

Dacha Menu Design

menu design

Stand Up and Get Moving

magazine feature design

The Hopefuls

editorial feature design

Balloon Planets

vector illustration

Government’s Quest to Attract and Keep Millennials

editorial ebook design

Interactive Insight Cards & Report

interactive design, publication design

Solutions for Mission Success

client campaign website


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On the Issues

editorial feature design

In Cloud We (Should) Trust

interactive illustrated graphic

Nextgov Header Redesign

web design/branding

Oh Donut Even

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Customer Experience Summit

event design

Latte Art

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Race Tracker Redesign

web design/data visualization

Election Tracking Tools

web design/data visualization

The Next America

branding exploration


I’m an art director and designer who specializes in human-centered design, UX/UI and front-end development (like this website!). I craft experiences that delight and surprise users while accomplishing project goals — like telling a story, teaching a lesson, breaking down a complex issue, or building a brand.

User experience is my passion. My background in journalism instilled in me a love for listening to people’s stories. As a designer, I use those stories to make products people want and need. I’ve published research about how a specific user base perceives website credibility, which taught me firsthand that both heuristics and SEO are key in web design.

My personal projects usually have something to do with illustration or hand lettering. And when I’m not designing, you can find me hanging out with my dogs, coaching fitness classes, or flying through the air on a trapeze rig.

To find out more about me, take a look at my resume. →

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